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"I had the honor and pleasure to have read one of the very first drafts of "The Spiral to Now" by SoLaMee'.  From that first draft to this expanded fourth edition, there are beautiful places to visualize and much wisdom offered.  If you are out there looking for a new read, be sure to give SoLaMee' and her "THE SPIRAL TO NOW: It's A Journey Of Awakening" a try.  It is insightful and heartfelt. "   Oleta C.

“Dear SoLaMeé, Wow! I found your book moving and inspiring. What a wonderful story. It really made me want to get out of my whiney funk and start living again. So many resonances! Also I will want to buy several copies for gifts. I want to make another appointment at your earliest convenience. I want you to help me heal as you obviously did my friend. She’s going great guns!”  Lynn G.  

“Dear SoLaMeé, Man you kicked ass in the last chapter, well the last two really. I thoroughly enjoyed your journey. It inspired me, but you affect me that way! Back to the NOW!" Jeanmarie D.  

“Dear SoLaMeé, I received your beautiful book last week and I have had a bit of time finally to pour through it. I am so proud of you and so happy with your work. You have shaped your life into a masterpiece, and that is the first step of true mastery. You write beautifully and have organized your thoughts so that you provide a delightful and moving picture of your biography but always keep to the high ground of where you are leading the reader. I will definitely recommend this to our Blessing Givers. Much love and God bless your great success!” Glenda Green, Author of "LOVE WITHOUT END-Jesus Speaks"

"If anyone has ever stepped solidly onto the spiritual path or even if not, this is one woman's journey of awakening that can offer insights and inspiration to others no matter where in the unfolding development a person is. Ms. Heneage writes with impeccable honesty and right from her heart. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the account of her amazing journey of awakening. The story built and built on one experience to the next until the final chapter where it built to a fever pitch. I highly recommend this book to others. Well done, Ms. Heneage!" Isabell W.

"I received your book THE SPIRAL TO NOW yesterday and have read the first chapter. These three passages touched my heart:

We are here after all to heal all that has ever wounded us and continue on where we left off with our spiritual potential... One way or another I was being invisibly watched over and provided with what I needed, even when I did not believe I was... I grew to understand that something vast and intelligent was there in each moment. I had but to learn how to be a part if its plans for me.

"My heart opened a little more as I read each word. Thank you. " Bonnie H.

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Here is a reading from her book, THE SPIRAL TO NOW: It's a Journey of Awakening, copyright 2015 - 2019, 

(Chapter 11 page 125, first paragraph)

"For a few weeks I did very little. I sat in the sunlight and soaked up the rays of simplicity on my back porch. My heart processed so many questions about what I had been catapulted into the previous thirteen months. My mind and heart needed a rest. My body especially craved the stillness of the moment, but the energetic waves of information and awareness of people elsewhere would waft like a breeze through me in and out of the days that followed. I felt physically quite weak, even numb, so movement was slow as I did laundry, cleaned my own home and made meals for the family. My heart was exhausted from the demands of all those months of having to respond to wave after wave of energetic challenges in consciousness. Tracking the pattern in consciousness to its' singularity, so it could collapse was usually the exercise. To relax and stare into space while feeling the breeze was beyond just good for my soul. It was grace."



This real life story includes new adventures from 2015 on up to 2019. SoLaMeé, has added new chapters, full of mystical adventures and important new insights into spiritual awakening.  Her exciting journey has spanned decades! She explains in great detail advanced states in consciousness and many techniques that can bring about the readiness for a universal awakening. Her powerful healing work continues to involve miraculous aspects.

SoLaMeé (Patricia) Heneage has carefully produced this book with the aid of Kindle Direct Publishing. This edition includes many important aspects to her narrative that bring her story to a satisfying conclusion. You will want this book in your private collection. Her book also includes an in-depth look into her spiritual name "SoLaMeé" and all the changes a name can bring about, along with important additional insights into ascension energy dynamics and so much more!


​2019 BIO – SoLaMeé (Patricia Heneage)

SoLaMeé has expertise in the healing arts, multidimensional consciousness, intuition and meditation, encompassing thirty years of experience. SoLaMeé is a certified Matrix Energetics® advanced practitioner and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. She has taught and certified new practitioners in Integrated Energy Therapy.® Her healing sessions always address a pattern or health condition from the quantum state or energetic level in order to access possibilities for improvement. Each session calibrates the body hologram towards a higher vibration in consciousness.

SoLaMeé (Patricia Heneage) received a Bachelor’s degree in 1983, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Not long after she worked with adolescents in treatment facilities first in Illinois and later in Idaho, becoming a certified alcohol and drug counselor. Years later she became a case manager and psychiatric rehabilitation specialist primarily with adults.

Patricia's intuitive development began in her childhood and teen years. By the mid 1980’s she learned to do a form of past life regression therapy and intuitive readings. The ascended masters and the angels were familiar companions and channeled messages were common. Now she shares her journey of awakening and all that it includes.

SoLaMeé - Patricia Heneage’s book, “THE SPIRAL TO NOW” brings clarity to the dynamic cosmic events playing out in our world today. It offers a powerful real life narrative that some say is difficult to put down. It has been suggested that this book could initiate an awakening into the mysteries of the human spirit, worthy of the great teachers. It is also a deeply personal and relevant life story. Her ability to open a way forward even after great personal loss, reveals the true heartbeat of humanity’s struggle with itself and provides a sense of direction in these uncertain times.  

By the year 1991 a two year very intense spiritual awakening took place that drew Heneage into a powerful "NOW" doorway in consciousness. Her book explores her unique and soul riveting, even timeless journey. It unveils advanced states in consciousness a universal awakening will initiate.

With her years of advanced training in intuitive healing arts from a master teacher in healing, as well as experience in mainstream helping professions, SoLaMeé is uniquely qualified to assist others with a wide array of health issues and challenges. SoLaMeé lives with her husband of many years in the foothills of Teton Valley Idaho. They have a grown daughter and a son that died in 1998 at the age of eleven. For more information visit


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